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Gozy-F Bonding Dog Collar - Checkerboard Edition

Gozy-F Bonding Dog Collar - Checkerboard Edition

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Introducing the innovatively Gozy-F Bonding Dog Collar, a blend of sophistication and functionality that redefines pet accessories. Crafted from the renowned BASF elastomeric material, sourced from Germany, this collar offers unparalleled durability, waterproof qualities, and resistance against wear and tear.

What's more,Β thisΒ collar is more than just a pet accessory - it comes with a matching mini wristband for the owner. This unique pairing allows you and your canine companion to exude a synchronized sense of style, sharing a fashionable bond that extends beyond the leash.

Product Highlights

  • Engineered with BASF elastomeric material, a hallmark of German engineering excellence, ensuring exceptional durability, water resistance, and anti-microbial properties.
  • Seamlessly combines sleek aesthetics with practicality, featuring a minimalist and contemporary design that complements any dog's style.
  • Crafted for the modern pet owner, our Dog Collar is a statement of both fashion and functionality. Its waterproof and wear-resistant attributes, paired with the antimicrobial properties, ensure a long-lasting and hygienic accessory that stands up to any adventure.
  • The fastener of this collar is designed to present a semi-open state in the direction of sudden force, gently releasing some of the tension on the dog to prevent neck injury. In this state, the fastener will not detach and will automatically reset. In rare cases, manual adjustment may be required.

Elevate your pet's accessory game and create an unbreakable bond with our Gozy-F Bonding Dog Collar.

Size Guide


M: 13 - 17 in (33 - 43 cm)

L: 17 - 21 in (43 - 43 cm)

Owner Wristband:

7 - 9 in (18 - 22 cm)



  • BASF elastomeric material
  • Electroplated zinc alloy
  • PU
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