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Premium Metal Cat Litter Scoop

Premium Metal Cat Litter Scoop

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This Premium Metal Cat Litter Scoop is a stylish and practical solution for every cat owner. This litter scoop features an ergonomic wooden handle and a larger hollowed-out surface area, making it easy to sift through cat litter while keeping waste separate. The sleek ABS base, available in a variety of fashionable colors, provides a convenient and attractive storage solution for your scoop.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality metal construction for durability and long-lasting performance
  • Ergonomic wooden handle for a comfortable and secure grip during use
  • Larger hollowed-out surface area ensures efficient sifting of cat litter while separating waste
  • Stylish ABS base, available in various colors, provides a convenient and attractive storage solution for your scoop
  • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, making it the perfect addition to your cat care routine

Elevate your cat care experience with our premium Metal Cat Litter Scoop. Enjoy efficient and comfortable litter cleaning, all while adding a touch of style to your pet care supplies.

Please note: Always clean and sanitize the scoop regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria. Inspect the scoop and base for signs of wear or damage, and replace as necessary.

Size Guide

6.7 x 11 x 3.2 in (17 x 28 x 8 cm)


  • Metal
  • Wood
  • ABS
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